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App Help Reuniting Lost Pets with Their Owners

This app will be the most efficient solution for those who are searching for their lost pets. It is hard for us to find our lost dogs or cats and even harder for other people to find the owners of these lost pets. However, that was before the Finding Rover app came along.

Finding Rover is an app for Smartphone and web that lets you upload pictures of your missing pets. This app will then use a facial recognition tool to search for subjects with matching features and help the owners reunite with them.

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For example, you have a missing dog, you can upload the information and pictures of the dog to this app. If a someone finds a lost dog, they can snap a photo and upload it to Finding Rover. This app’s mission is to search and match identical pictures, and the owner will be able to contact the finder from that place.

The app reports 98 percent accuracy. The automatic search range of this app is 8km; however, you can extend that to 3,000km if necessary. The information and photos of lost pets will appear on a map, you can click on these pictures to see more details.

The Finding Rover app will notify you as soon as it finds a matching pet, through a notification on social networks such as Facebook or smartphone notification. Afterward the owner will contact the finder via telephone or email, Facebook.

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Bob Gatt, manager of Oakland County Animal Control Division (OCACD), said: “This app will be the most efficient solution for those who need to find their missing pets. We encourage the finders of lost animals to upload photos and information to Finding Rover, to help these miserable animals find their owners.”

OCACD is also planning to build a shelter for lost pets, using the uploaded information on Finding Rover to make it easier for the pets’ owners to come.

John Polimeno, the founder of Finding Rover, said he had spent two years to develop this app and launched it on the Apple Store in late 2013, and followed with Android and web versions in 2014. He is also a partner at Cupidmentor – a relationship tips and dating advice, you can take a look if you are interested at there website: Administrators of Finding Rover said right after they started to test this app in Miami, five dogs have been reunited with their owners.

Finding Rover is now available in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia and will continue to be expanded to many other countries over the world.